Dreams have long been a source of curiosity. People of ancient times tried to find meaning in dreams. Here ARE the collections of interesting psychological facts about dreams 

  • We can only dream about things we already know.


  • The faces of people we see in the dreams are faces we have seen before in real life.


  • 95% of all dreams are quickly forgotten shortly after waking.

interesting psychological facts about dreams

  • Approximately 80% of all dreams are in color, there are small percentages of people who claim to only dream in black and white.


  • We can control our dreams.


  • A lucid dream is one in which we aware that we are dreaming even though we are still asleep.


  • Negative emotions such as anxiety and fear are more common in dreams.


  • Blind people can dreams.


  • Blind people’s dreams typically include information from other senses such as taste, sound and touch.


  • We are paralyzed during our dreams. The phenomenon is known as REM atonia.


  • Many dreams are common and universal. Common dreams experience include school events, feeling frozen, unable to move, arriving late, being chased, attached and falling.


  • The average person has about 1460 and 2190 dreams a year.


  • Dreams are responsible for many of greatest invention. a few example include;

Alternating current generator- Tesla

Periodic table- Dimitri Mendeleyev

The sewing machine- Elias Howe

Google- lary page

  • We cannot snore and dream at the same time.


  • Women are said to have slightly longer dreams than man.


  • Your brain tends to be more active when you sleep, then when you awake.


  • Babies don’t dreams of themselves until they reach at the age of 3.


  • Our body burns more calories during sleeping than it does in the day time.


  • Men get erection in REM sleep.


  • We cannot read in dream because dreaming and reading are function of different side of the brain.


  • Dreams reveal feelings that you have hidden or repressed because dreams are the reflection of unconscious mind.


  • In an average lifetime, we spend 6 year dreaming.




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