Facebook posts reveals our personality

Your Facebook page tells a lot about you, it says a study in the Brunel University of London. Study says that Peoples who regular posts about their relationship on their Facebook page, are filled with a sense of insecurity.


  • According to this study, to avoid their insecurity about relationships, people want more attention. They also want approval from others. To avoid the insecurity they themselves want to distract somehow.


  • If you talk about gym and health; On the other hand People who posts on Facebook about their healthy lifestyle are generally overrated. For the sake of appease their ego, they want to like and comments on their posts.


  • Why do people talk on certain topics; According to the lecturer of psychology Tara Marshall at Brunel University, it is important to understand why people love to talk on certain topics. And why their different kinds of update get different kinds of likes and comments. Those who get more likes and comments, they feel themselves accepted in the society and meet the less they feel excluded in society..


In one study, 555 Facebook users completed measures of the Big Five, self-esteem, narcissism, motives for using Facebook, and frequency of updating about a range of topics. Result revealed that;


  • Extroverts are outgoing, optimistic, sociable, and affectionate. They frequently updated about their social activities and everyday life as a tool to communicate and socialize.


  • Openness can be described as a person’s willingness to try new things and be open to new experience. They are creative, imaginative, curious, artistic and nonconforming.  These types of people’s were more likely to update about intellectual topics, consistent with their use of Facebook for sharing information.


  • Agreeableness Peoples are easygoing, friendly, good nature, trusting and helpful. They positively associated with posting on Facebook to communicate and connect with others and negatively associated with posting to seek attention.


  • Conscientiousness are organized, reliable, neat, and ambitious. These types of people have more Facebook friend. They avoid badmouthing people and they are less likely to post on Facebook to seek attention or acceptance.


  • Neurotic Peoples are worrying, insecure, anxious and emotionally unstable. These types of people more frequently update about their achievement diet and exercise. They use of Facebook for attention seeking.

Other studies revealed that;

  • If you have a lot of Facebook friends, it means you have low self-esteem. Studies concluded that self-conscious people compensate for low self-esteem by trying to appear popular on Facebook.


  • The researchers concluded that extroverts use the like button more often, upload more pictures, and update their status more frequently than introverts. They update their status more often than introverts. They want more likes on theirs upload photos.


  • Studies reveal that narcissistic people love to post selfies and they share the ones where they think they look most attractive in hopes of gaining admiration. Comments and likes on their posts boost their self-importance.


  • Person who are good-natured, friendly, helpful etc are more likely tagged in Facebook photos posted by other people.


  • Creative, curious, artistic and imaginative Peoples are most likely to complete the personal information section on Facebook profile. They often add exaggerated information on their Facebook profile.


Now you can understand psychology behind Facebook posts and profile. You can easily understand yours and your friends’ personality. If you find this article is useful and interesting, please like, share and comment.

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