Attraction is a liking or having the desire for a relationship with another person. Here is the collection of interesting psychological fact about attraction.

  • The more attracted we are to a person, the easier it is for them to make you laugh.


  • You really love him. No name was mentioned but still you thought of one person. It’s a typical psychological reaction.

interesting psychological facts about attraction

  • When a man spots a woman he find attractive he holds his stare for an average of 82 seconds.


  • A person who seems jealous or clingy is actually someone who cares the most.


  • Men are more attracted to women wearing red.


  • People who easily blush are a sign of them being a good lover.


  • Women often find themselves more attracted to someone who has the ability to make them laugh. Laughter strengths relationship.


  • Smiling is 70% more attractive than wearing makeup.


  • Speaking with deeper voice help establish dominance over the person you liking to.


  • People tend to form relationships with people who are in physical proximity to them.


  • People are attracted to other who is similar to them in some way.


  • People may also be attracted to people who are different from themselves, with the difference acting as a complementary support for areas in which each may be lacking.


  • People tend to like other people who like them in return, a phenomenon called the reciprocity of liking.


  • Factors in attraction;

Physical attractiveness

Proximity- being physically nears someone else.



  • Components in love;

Intimacy– sense of having close emotional ties to another.

Passion– emotional and sexual arousal a person feels toward the other persons.

Commitment– decisions one make about a relationship.


  • In the attraction stage, a group of neurotransmitter called mono-amine plays an important role.


  • You can sense when someone’s staring at you even when you are not looking directly at them.


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