Why Should parents need to know about Parenting Style

The type of parenting parent use can have a powerful effect on child’s development. It has a big impact on the relationship you have with your children. Good and effective parenting does not necessarily come naturally. And, for being a good parent you have to learn effective parenting style. Parent education is becoming more and more necessary in society like India. Learning good parenting skills that are result oriented is a challenge that can be met.


Why Should parents need to know about Parenting Style


  • To guide your children to be responsible, cooperative and happy.
  • To create a loving and positive relationship with children.
  • To Move from punishment discipline to guide good behavior.
  • To be able to raise your children so that as an adults he will able to cope the difficulties in the world


Types of Parenting style;

Authoritarian parenting


In Authoritarian parenting the parents are demanding but not responsive. It is a, punishment-heavy and restrictive parenting style in which parents make their children follow their rules and directions with little to no feedback or explanation. In this style of parenting, parents always expect to children to follow the rules established by them. Failures to follow such rules results in punishment.  The focus of these types of parents is on what the children do wrong and the punishment for their children misbehavior is often harsh. Children who raised by authoritarian kind of parents are highly obedient, quiet, conformist and not very happy. Sometime they suffer from stress, depression and self blame. They have low self esteem and self confidence. They are less self dependent and find difficulty to solve problems. There is very less communication between children and parents.


Authoritative Parenting

In this type of parenting parent are responsive and demanding. These types of parents are warm and communicative. They understand their children feelings and emotions. They also establish some rules and guidelines for their children but responsive to their children. They encourage and motivate their children to be independent but still place some limits on their actions. They give more positive encouragement at the right places and time. They also give punishment but explain the motive behind punishment. As a result the children’s of authoritative parents are likely to be successful, kind, liked by those around them, sociable, generous, happy, cooperative and capable. this is most  beneficial and effective parenting style for children.


Permissive parenting


In this type of parenting the parents is responsive but not demanding.  This type of parenting is also called indulgent and non directive. They put very few demands to make of their children’s. This is Harmful style of parenting. The parents is very loving and nurturing. The parents try to be the “friends” of their child. This type of parenting is free of punishment and strict rules. They try to give their children’s whatever they want. They motivate and encourage their children to communicate and talk with them about their problems and confusion. There is good communication between parents and children’s. They do not set boundaries for their children. They allow children whatever they do. Researches show that it is unhealthy type of parenting style. According to Journal of Early Adolescence, teens with permissive type of parents are two to three times more likely to engage in bad habits and heavy alcohol consumption and smoking. Such types of children’s have poor social skills and lack of discipline. They may poor in academic due to lack of motivation. They do not follow rules and sometime clashing with authority.

According to counselors permissive parent must set boundaries and rules for their children, before it is too late.


Neglectful parenting


This type of parents is neither demanding nor responsive. This type of parenting is also called detached, uninvolved, neglectful, dismissive or hands-off. This type of parents is low in control and warmth. They are not involved in their children’s life. Parents are unsupportive, and may expect to their children’s to raise themselves. They do not care about children emotions, feelings and emotions. They are emotionally and psychologically unsupportive. Sometimes this type of parent’s suffered from psychological or mental health issues or substance abuse problems. They have lack of knowledge about child rearing, child development and parenting. As a result children have low self confidence and self esteem and they are poor in academics. Children are emotionally unstable. They does not get love from their parents.

Impact of Parenting Styles on children’s


  • Authoritarian parenting styles; children’s are obedient and conformist. Low self confidence, low self esteem, low social competence.
  • Authoritative parenting styles; children’s are happy, successful and capable. Have high self confidence, high self esteem and high social competence.
  • Permissive parenting; children’s are happy but not capable. High social competence but poor self regulation and academic achievement.
  • Neglectful parenting; children’s are unhappy, low self confidence, low self esteem, poor academic achievement and low in all life domains.


Now you can understand the importance of parenting style. And which parenting style is beneficial for children.

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