Body language is the communication of personal feeling, emotions, attitude, and thoughts through body movements. It is the way people unconsciously show their private thoughts and emotions through body movement’s .here is the collection of interesting psychological facts about body language.

  • Putting our hand on our heart make us more honest and moral.


  • There is no such thing as a neutral face, because a neutral face is usually interpreted negatively.


  • There are six universal facial expression; anger, disgust, sadness, fear, surprise and happiness.


  • People under pressure are likely to dramatically increase their blinking rate.


  • When a person crosses both arms and legs, they have emotionally withdrawn from the conversation.


  • Women laugh at men they are attracted to and men are attracted to women who laugh at them.


  • When feeling discomfort, men typically prefer to touch their faces.


  • When feeling discomfort, women typically prefer to touch their clothing, jewelry, neck, arms and hairs.

interesting psychological fact about body language

  • In china, a hand clap is an expression of worry or disappointment. And anger is expressed with laughter.


  • Laughter is a powerful display of relaxation.


  • When our foot suddenly begins to kick, it is an indicator of discomfort.


  • A sudden crossing of arms during a conversation often indicates discomfort.


  • The ‘’thumb up’’ gesture or ‘ok’ sign have vulgar meaning in Iraq and Latin America.


  • In America and lain America not looking in the eye of other person is a sign of disrespect.


  • In Asian culture prolonged eye contact is considered offensive.


Meaning of different body languages.

  • Eyebrow raising – recognition, greeting, acknowledgement.
  • Pupils dilated – desire, attraction.
  • Direct eye contact – attentiveness, honesty, attraction, interest.
  • Forced laughter – nervousness, cooperation.
  • Biting lips – tension.
  • Chewing pencil or pen – self comforting.
  • Hand shake (palm down) – dominance.
  • Hand shake (palm up) – submission, accommodating.
  • Hand shake (both hands) – confidence, truthfulness, honesty.
  • Finger pointing – threat, aggression.
  • Open legs (sitting) – arrogance, combating.
  • Nail biting – frustration, suppression.
  • Thumb sucking – self comforting.
  •  Crossed arms –
  • Holding drink (with both hands) – nervousness.
  • Chin up – pride, confidence.
  • Rubbing hand together – anticipation.
  • Touching nose (while speaking) – lying.
  • Thumb on chin – evaluation.
  • Hands in pocket – disinterest, boredom.

Meaning of space between two person


  • 3 meter-12ft – public zone – no interaction.
  • 2m-3.6m – social zone – social, business.
  • 45cm-120cm –personal zone – family and close friends.
  • 0-15cm – close intimate – lovers.



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