Are you stressing out your kids?

Child education, ranks, division and scores have become a trending and hot topic at all family and social gathering. Whether it is rich, poor or middle class family, each and every parents is racing and forcing their children to meet the goals set by them and by schools/colleges, institutions, social standards, peer competitions etc. ultimately it is your child on whom the pressure and load is put. So naturally your child is stressed, tense, frustrated, depressed and sometimes slowly become different.  Morning and evening study hours, monitored either by teachers, tutors or parents, school hours, extra classes, night completion of homework and tutionwork and revision of days lessons. The child has no time to relax, play and even think about himself/herself.

It seems that the modern education system led to an increasing dependence on tutions and coaching’s.  Almost all parents send their children to tuition and caching classes even at a very early age. The parents can easily manage to give extra drill or reinforcement to the child at home itself. The child can learn sitting in the lap of their parents. But Right from the time of primary schooling, these children’s start going to tutions.

When the child passes into higher classes, certainly it is beyond moderately educated parents to teach subjects like English, maths, science and so on. So they send their children for tutions or coaching to different places subject wise. Due to this their rest and entertainment are robbed. Almost all parents thin that their child must get 90% and above marks, so that they get admission in good colleges. The result is stress, depression and suicide.

Great thinkers like rabindranath Tagore believed that nothing should be forced on a child. A child should grow naturally.

How to help the children

  • Parents and teacher should understand child problems.


  • Students can avoid the extra study hours in the name of tuition’s or coaching classes by listening well in classes by being focused on difficult Ares and seeking doubts clarification with concern subject teacher.


  • Teachers never deny this extra time a child seek to learn properly.


  • Every school can arrange remedial teaching classes for weak learners and specially programmed study hours in the school premise itself for the above average learners.


  • Teachers should teach properly in the school.

If parents, schools, school, authority and students work together, there will not be any question of stress.

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