why do teenagers take crazy risks?

Adolescence is the stage of life that begins at the onset of puberty, when sexual maturity or the ability to reproduce is attained. In the previous post we have discuss about it.

Adolescence; the period of development and conflicts

It is a time when peer influences increase and parental influences decrease. In this age we experience many moods and are more prone to mood swings.

In this age dependence on parents gradually decreases and the idealized internal representations are gradually increased. But do you know why your children risk taking behavior increase in this age?

This article is about the two special kind of belief system carried by adolescents that is related to their risk taking behavior.  These is imaginary audience and personal fable


Imaginary audience

Imaginary audience is teenagers belief that people around them especially peers observe and notice their activities and may comment on them. They imagine that people are always noticing and observing each and every behavior of theirs. They are very conscious about what other peoples think about them, their appearance and everything related to themselves. For example a boy who thinks that all will his hair style or his way of dressing or a girl with a pimple Feels, all people around her would think how bad her skin.

It makes them too much self-conscious. Have you experience this phenomenon?


Personal fable

The personal fable is part of the teenagers belief that involves their sense of uniqueness. They spent too much time on thinking about their own feelings and thoughts. They convinced that they are unique and special, their thoughts and beliefs are special and no one else ever had these beliefs and thoughts before them. For example ‘’ you cannot understand me, I am different from you’’ is a common feelings and beliefs of teenagers. An adolescent girl or boy may thinks that none can understand the hurt that he or she feels because of being betrayed by a friend.

To retain sense of personal uniqueness we may weave stories filled with fantasy around us to create a world that is away from reality. Have you done it?

Do you know personal fable may be dangerous for us? Because teenagers feel that they are unique, they may think that they are safe and somehow protected from the dangers of the world. As a result they do not take the precautions. This may cause injury or death in accident while driving a bike or car or driving and drinking, drug use, unwanted pregnancy and so on.

‘’It cannot happen to me because I am unique and special is a risky thought in this age’’. If you are parents or teachers you should aware of this and guide and assist your children.

If you have any question, query, advice or suggestion you can ask through comment.


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