Adolescence; The period of development and conflicts

Adolescence is the transitional period of a your life between childhood and adulthood. it extends from 13 to 20 years of age.  It is the period of rapid change, both physically and psychologically. it is the period of challenges, one requiring adjustment to changes in the self, in the peer group and in the family.  For both children’s and their parents, it is the time of excitement and anxiety; of discovery and confusion, of breaks with the past and links with the future, and of happiness and troubles. There is no doubt that for parents, the teen years present a big challenge. There is lot of conflicts between children and parents. But why this happens during this period? This is due to the various hormonal changes, physical development, cognitive changes and social development.

In this article we will discuss about the various development that takes place during Adolescence.




This period is characterised by physical changes. Sexual Maturity or puberty signifies the beginning of adolescence, which is characterised by dramatic physical changes in growth rate.

Changes in boys

  • Age of Puberty: 11 to 16 years
  • Acceleration in Hair under the arms, on the face, growth.
  • enlargement of the testicles
  • Feet, legs, arms and hands sometimes growing “faster” than the rest of the body.
  • Voice changes occur. voice gets deeper
  • Increase in sweating and oily skin.
  • Acne may develop.
  • Wet dreams and erection.

Changes in girls

  • Age of Puberty: 10 to 15 years of age.
  • Girls experience puberty and will also experience menstruation, or menstrual periods.
  • increase in hair growth and breast development
  • Body shape begins to change. Acne may develop
  • increase in fat in the legs and stomach
  • Increase in oily skin and Pimples


Cognitive development means development of thinking, memory, learning, problem solving, feeling and language.

  • Teenagers try to accumulate general and social knowledge.
  • Taking Interest in learning skills, such as cooking, driving and so on
  • Begin to question family, school, college and society standards.
  • Begin to form their views and topics on different topics such as what is right and wrong. What parental, school, college and society rules should be changed.
  • They begin to develop their own self concept and identity, for example who am i?
  • They begin to analyze possible future goals.
  • They begin to form their own code of ethics and rules.
  • They begin to think, learn and memorize on long term basis.
  • They begin to think about relationship.
  • They begin to think about their career.
  • They debate and show intolerance to opposing views.



  • Parents’ influences decrease and peer influences increase.
  • Teenagers searches for their own identity
  • They impressed by the idealism of hero’s and try to copy their activities.
  • They want to be participated in social activity.
  • They want to be work for others, and love to serve the community and society.
  • They like to imitate film heroes and try to do things like them.

Girls and boys shows these changes at different ages, girls, on average, begin one or two Years earlier than boys and complete them earlier as well.

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