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Multiple personality disorder is the most interesting and dramatic of all the disorder. It is also known as dissociative identity disorder. This disorder is first reported in the 19th century as a psychological disorder. Many believe that people with spirit or demon possession were suffered with this disorder. In multiple personality Disorder a person develops more than one self or personality (earlier called spirits). These personalities are referred to as alerts, in contrast to the core personality, the host. In this disorder many, say more than 100 personalities or fragments of personality coexist within one body and mind. In some cases the identities are complete, each with its own behavior, tone of voice and physical gestures. In other cases, only a few characteristics are distinct, because the identities are only partially independent.

The disorder was made famous in novels and movies, such as ―Sybil‖ and ―The Three Faces of Eve‖. This disorder is also portrayed in famous Indian movie aparichit. In Dissociative Identity Disorder, each personality is understood to be a consistent and enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to and thinking about the environment and the self.


Characteristics of multiple personality Disorder



  • Many personalities live inside one body. These can be anywhere from 2 to 5 to 100.


  • Posture, facial expressions, pattern of facial wrinkling and even physical disabilities may occur during this disorder.


  • DID is more common among females. The ratio of females to males is as high as 9 is to


  • The onset of this disorder is always in childhood, often as young as 6 years of age.


  • Patient does not aware about their multiple personalities in most of the cases.

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Causes of multiple personality Disorder


  • Childhood Traumatic Events; it is found that peoples who have multiple personality disorder have a history of childhood sexual and physical abuse. Most of these are women.


  • Lack of Social Support; peoples who have lack of personal and social support found to be develop multiple personality disorder.


  • Repression; repression or suppression of threatening, unwanted or unacceptable thoughts and behavior is another reason and heart of multiple personality disorder.


  • Other reasons; excessive feeling of guilt, shame or anxiety when thinking about disturbing experiences or thoughts may reinforce or strengthen multiple personality disorder symptoms.


In the upcoming article we will discuss about the possible treatment and controversy of multiple personality disorder. If you find this article is useful then please share and comment about it.

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