Selfies and Youth: The Good, The Bad OR The Ugly

The positive and Negative Impact of Selfies on People

Hello friends!! Today we are going to talk about the trendy topic “selfie”. As we know selfie has become a part of modern society. It’s not culture dependent infact selfie spread all over the world and accepted by all the cultures very easily. Selfie can be taken by anyone and anywhere. It’s free from age boundation. From child ones to old ones anyone can take the picture of itself. Selfie become the word of the year in 2013 by oxford dictionaries. According to recent figures, 91% of teens have taken a selfie and over 1 million are taken per might be vague or self-obsessed thing for those who constantly post their pictures online.

Mostly selfie has been considered as negative. Most of the researcher talk about the negative effect of selfie but it has positive effect as well.

Following, we have some points which shows negative effects of selfies.

Selfie can lead to narcissistic tendencies

The worst thing about taking more selfies is that it can lead to bad mental state. People often reach that state where they give more importance on their looks which eventually leads to narcissistic tendencies and change the mental state. This is kind of selfie syndrome. Narcissism is occur when people exceptionally admire their physical appearance and expects the same from others.

Develop the inferiority complex

Several studies show that an image centric social media such as Facebook, instagram, and twitter can cause the depressive symptoms in people because these social media encourages people to compare themselves with others.

Some people do extraordinary things to get popular and to maintain attractive profile at online basis. Sometimes these people go beyond their limits to get perfect selfie. If they can’t compete over that they feel inferior.

Above you get aware about some negative effects of selfies, now there are some positive effects also.

Selfie is way to expressing true emotions

Selfies actually meant to express ones emotions to others. People like to express themselves by posting pictures on social media. It’s a way to expressing what you are, not just by looks or by actions but by your feeling also.

Those people who take many selfies of themselves either they are eating, studying ,day outs or travelling are often being ridiculed on the internet and they are marked as those people who have nothing to do. But if we give them a second thought why they do this kind of posts. They could either expressing their emotions and sense of satisfaction or joy of particular food, events and why they are sharing all these stuffs because they value the company of those people who are around them.

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Selfie boosts self-confidence and self esteem

Many researchers believe that selfie allow the people to express themselves in a way that was never seen before. They can take selfies at different places in different outfits with different hairstyles and by making various poses this helps them to know how they look good and eventually enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence. People who are least expressive and having shy nature can spread their wings through the selfies. It give them a will to be more sociable with others and can gain confidence.

Apart from these positive and negative effects it is necessary to have safety during taking the selfies. As internet is a very dangerous place. Posting too any selfies on social media can be used in wrong ways. People use them for bullying or trolling and for more bad ways.

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